In what could only be called unsurprising, Apple is appealing a U.K. judge’s order that the company place what amounts to an ad for competitor Samsung on its website, according to MacNN.

As we told you on Wednesday, the judge ordered Apple to include on its U.K. website a message stating that Samsung didn’t copy the iPad when it released its own Galaxy Tab 10.1. Apple was also ordered to place an ad in “several newspapers and magazines to correct the damaging impression.”

The judge, Colin Birss, made the order after ruling that Samsung’s tablet didn’t infringe on Apple’s patents. The same judge, during the proceedings, said that the Galaxy Tab couldn’t be confused with the iPad because it “wasn’t as cool” as Apple’s slate.

The case will now be heard by an appeal’s court in the country.

In the United States, Apple had better luck against Samsung, with a judge recently ordering that sales of the same tablet stop because it infringes on the iPad’s patents. A similar ordered was placed against the Galaxy Nexus handset, but was reversed.

And interestingly, documents from the court proceedings in the United States fight gave us a look at an early, mammoth iPad prototype built in the early 2000s that came equipped with an 11-inch screen and was around an inch thick.

Source: MacNN