Yo, dawg! Two Lives Left heard you like apps, so it put Codea on your iPad so you can make an app while you use an app!

That is, admittedly, an awful attempt at adapting a popular Internet meme. Nevertheless, it succinctly captures the essence of Codea, which has been updated once again with new features.

Launched in October last year as Codify, Codea has given rise to apps that are, as my colleague Brent also succinctly puts it, “prototyped, programmed, and polished completely using an iPad.”

Arguably the most popular among such apps is Cargo-Bot. A puzzle game released three months ago, Cargo-Bot was the first app to be created using Codea and made available in the App Store.

A month after Cargo-Bot’s launch, Codea was updated with more features that add to its ease of use as a coding app. Chief among these was an implementation of “Hooper Selection.” A couple of cursor movement and text selection buttons were also added to its iA Writer-like keyboard extension. Further, support for custom sprites was introduced.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

This time, the latest update to Codea introduces support for project dependencies. Accessible through the plus button in the editor, project dependencies allow for the development of library style code.

In addition to project dependencies, the update brings the following new features:

  • Adjustable font size in code editor
  • Tap or drag in the line gutter to select lines
  • Enhanced color type with blend, mix, and arithmetic operations
  • listGlobal/Local/ProjectData functions added
  • Fantastic new demo project

A number of miscellaneous enhancements and fixes are also included in the update.

Designed specifically for iPad, Codea is available in the App Store for $9.99.

Now that it supports project dependencies, you can be more dependent than ever on Codea with your projects. Amirite?