This is fun: two of the currently in-vogue (and practically improbable) future consumer tech ideas — exaggeratedly curved displays and so-called wearable computers — together in one package. Who’d've thunk it?

Italian designer Federico Ciccarese, that’s who.

In his latest mockup, the artist has attached a dramatically flexed iPhone-like (back-of-the-)handset to a series of spindly, wrist- and finger-fitting “legs.” The result, of course, is a startling metal spider of a device that seems more at home in the sci-fi world of movies and games than the real world of purses and pockets.

Kill it with fire!

Still, it’s definitely a neat piece of work, and if it existed, I’d probably try it on. Jony Ive might, too.

Over his dead body.

Source: CiccareseDesign
Via: iDownloadBlog