You’ll be forgiven for thinking that Critter Escape is yet another game capitalizing on the popularity of Temple Run. After all, the App Store has had more than its fair share of Temple Run wannabes the second half of whose names are suspiciously set to a synonym of “run.” But Critter Escape, an upcoming game from Muck Comics creator Kiz Studios, does not resemble Imangi Studios’ breakout endless runner at all.

Critter Escape is, as the title suggests, about critters escaping. But this is neither an ordinary critter nor an ordinary escape we’re dealing with here.

The critter in question is one of many muck critters, little creatures held captive in a megalomaniac’s secret laboratory. But all they want, it seems, is to bask in the sun, play with the butterflies, and smell the flowers. So, they attempt to escape.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

The thing is, the laboratory is one big tower filled with maze after maze for rooms. What’s more, there are guards and traps in every corner.

Fret not for the muck critters, though, because you — yes, you! — can help them turn the trap to their advantage. Plus, there are game-changing power-ups along the way, most of which are products of experiments gone haywire.

Take a look at the trailer above for a preview of the game’s 3-D graphics and Dynamite Jack-like line-drawing gameplay.

Expect Critter Escape to break into the App Store, with the help of iOS publisher Chillingo, at the end of the summer. Until then, why not bask in the sun, play with the butterflies, and smell the flowers yourself?