Instagram users hoping to find new friends are out of luck. A new update to Facebook’s popular photo-sharing app eliminates a users’ ability to find friends via Twitter.

In a message to customers, Instagram states: “Twitter no longer allows its users to access this information in Instagram via the Twitter API. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

So who’s at fault?

Message In Instagram

Message In Instagram

If you believe Instagram, Twitter is to blame, as the message suggests. This makes sense given that Twitter removed their API from LinkedIn in June, a feature that allowed users to publish tweets to their profiles.

In a message to CNET about the change, Twitter states:

We understand that there’s great value associated with Twitter’s follow graph data, and we can confirm that it is no longer available within Instagram.

However, a skeptic could suggest Facebook is to blame. After all, Instagram is now part of the largest social network on the planet.

However, two points suggest Twitter did initiate this change.

For one, Instagram users can still use the app’s “Tweet Photo” feature. For another, why would Instagram include a link to “Twitter friends,” only to have the link go to the previously mentioned message? They wouldn’t if they were really divorcing themselves from Twitter.

Facebook acquired Instagram in April.