AppAdvice has teamed up with Dynamic Pixels in order to offer you a chance to win one of six promo codes for Goal Defense ($0.99) for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Dynamic Pixels enjoys putting their own comical spin on games, such as Pick a Piggy, and that certainly holds true for their recently released tower defense game, Goal Defense.

The Golden Bowl honors the best of the best, but this symbol of triumph is in danger of vanishing as a group of disgraceful athletes has begun making attempts to destroy the trophy. Commanding a small team of mixed sport athletes, you must help defend the trophy and all that is good and fair in the world of sports.

Your team consists of a brutal boxer, potent pitcher, chippy cheerleader, brisk batter, and destructive discobolus. Of course, you’ll need to deploy these players strategically as each has strengths and weaknesses, plus limited team resources.

One of the major differences of Goal Defense compared to most other tower defense games is that even though each wave has a predetermined route, the AI will adjust its attack approach based on your defense positions.

In addition, the opposing athletes have some big tricks up their sleeves. Not only do they have varied players, such as powerful football players and slippery jump ropers, but vans may drive onto the field and deploy enemies at unforeseen locations.

It’s going to be a tough competition, so get ready to rumble! Goal Defense features 40 levels, multiple waves per level, upgradeable characters, dynamic gameplay, power-ups, “boss” waves, as well as cartoon-style graphics and sounds, and Game Center integration.

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