Are you a geek who can beat others in an online music trivia battle? You can find out for sure by playing along — and perhaps singing along as well — in TuneWiki’s Beat Geek.

Beat Geek is a new iOS game that dares you to put your music knowledge to the test. Competing live against other players, you have to confidently answer or even casually guess your way through a series of timed trivia questions.

The questions in Beat Geek come in five modes, namely Facts, Opinion, Scramble, Order, and Missing Words.

The Facts mode, unsurprisingly, demands factual answers to factual questions. The Opinion mode, though, is a totally different story. It asks a survey-type question, and your answer is considered correct only if it jibes with the general consensus.

Scramble lets you answer by rearranging the letters of a jumbled clue. Order requires you to sort items according to a specified sequence. And finally, Missing Words, more often than not, asks you to fill in the blanks.

“You have stolen my lyric.”

Regardless of the question mode, you earn experience points and coins every time you play Beat Geek. And if you want to put yourself at an advantage while playing, you can use power-ups including Extra Time, 2X Experience and Big Payout.

Beat Geek is available now in the App Store as a free-to-play title. It is funded by in-app purchases for more coins, additional power-ups, alternative skins, and adjustments to the game’s genre bias.

One final non-musical note … Although it’s not required, logging into Beat Geek with Facebook is recommended if you want to play on multiple devices with the same profile and if you want to play against your Facebook friends. It also enables you to easily share your scores on everyone’s favorite social network (or not).