Have you ever been listening to music when you had to take your earbuds out momentarily? What do you do with them? You could swing them over your shoulder, tuck them in your pocket, or even just let them hang down. Obviously, none of those are logical solutions because earbuds belong in, well, your ears.

Because of this epidemic, a new product has recently been released to help keep tabs on your earbuds. Props is simple “headphone keeper” that will keep your buds around your neck. Don’t get me wrong, an old shoelace could easily accomplish the same thing but I have to admit this looks much better.

Much better than a shoelace right?

Here’s the idea: you attach the earbuds through loops on each end of a rubber cord and wear it like a necklace or those sunglasses neck straps that were popular in the ‘90s. With Props, you’ll never have to worry about a snagged headphone hitting the ground or which awkward place you’ll hang them from during a quick conversation, your headphones will always be in reach.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had the issue Props proposes to fix. I understand what it does, but I just think keeping earbuds in your ears is more important than wearing a nerdy headphone necklace. Maybe Apple will throw together some good headphone patents soon and make some earbuds that will stay put. But if I ever do need to take out my earbuds, I usually put them in my pocket.

If Props solve your headphone dilemma, they’re now available in blue, pink, gray, and white for only $5.99 on Quirky.

Personally, I wouldn’t wear these, but I bet Zach Morris would.