If you’re going to war against an army of goblins, you won’t be riding on the back of a turtle, will you? Well, you most certainly won’t hesitate to if the turtle in question is none other than the turtle in Shellrazer.

Shellrazer is an upcoming side-scrolling shooter for iOS featuring a slow-moving yet badass reptile. In the game, you enlist the help, specifically the shell, of the great War Turtle in your quest to obliterate a race of evil goblins.

As a member of the Klang Clan, you’re tasked to rescue your fellow clansmen from the clutches of the goblins. As you recruit other warriors, you get to turn the different combinations of their unique abilities to advantage. It’s this aspect that gives Shellblazer an RPG quality in addition to its principal action-adventure factor.

Slowly but surely, you’re going to pick up various types of weapons and superpowers as you progress in your goblin-shooting spree.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Co-developed and published by Scrap Metal creator Slick Entertainment, Shellrazer is blasting into the App Store on July 26. We’ll have a full review of the game shortly after its release. In the meantime, feel free to revel in the blow-’em-up excitement of the game’s teaser trailer above.