Despite some shortcomings in funding goals, the Ashley Ao project appears to remain in full swing. We’ve recently been informed that the project has a secondary artist, which has resulted in a new morsel of content disclosure.

In our previous game news update, we shared additional screenshots, an updated teaser trailer, and the latest development report.

Within that development report are behind-the-scenes details, mission statements, and a request for additional funding by fans through Indiegogo.

Unfortunately, the fundraising campaign has only earned $332 thus far. However, Shaz Yousaf and Ryan Jackson continue to prove their dedication to the game with the announcement of another artist coming on board: Rahime Knight.

Knight’s “excellent” art style will compliment Jackson’s creations and, hopefully, move the project forward even more quickly and/or allow for more content at launch.

Along with the news of Rahime’s partnership, Honey Tribe Studios has provided an example piece of artwork Knight has already done for Ashley Ao, which can be seen at the beginning of this article.

The character depicted in the drawing is “The Agent,” the individual responsible for providing Ashley with her latest assignment. In addition, The Agent supplies Ashley, i.e., you, with tools, etc throughout the game.

If all goes as planned, Ashley Ao is scheduled for launch on iOS, OS X, and Android in autumn, otherwise known as fall, 2012. As always, we’ll pass on new information as it’s released. If this sci-fi and action adventure game interests you, we suggest checking out all of the donation options and perks at the Indiegogo campaign.