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Intelligence Series : IQ Test ($0.99) by Golden Academy is a convenient way to improve your level of intelligence. With over 800 questions, this app does a thorough job of training your mind and increasing your IQ. Get ready to be challenged by these extensive quizzes.

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When I first started using this app, I expected it to be a parody IQ test comprised of fun puzzle questions. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was full of challenging quizzes that genuinely tested my intelligence. Using this app was almost like taking a test in school.

Intelligence Series provides you with one main IQ test as well as 10 categories of quizzes, each testing a different part of your intelligence. Some of these categories include: character puzzles, analogy, series, blood relations, and cause and effect. Within each category are multiple quizzes as well as a mock exam similar to the main IQ test. These quizzes all help sharpen your IQ, and prepare you for the main IQ test the app offers.

If you’re in a bragging mood you can share your test scores with your Facebook friends. The app even gives you the opportunity to challenge your friends by competing to see who has the highest IQ. Between the progress meters on every quiz and the constantly updated leaderboards, it has never been easier to show off your intelligence.

I feel like this app should be used more to train your mind rather than test your IQ. Results of the main IQ test should not be taken seriously since this is not an official test. However, it is still a great app and every question really required me to use my brain. There is no such thing as an easy question in this app.

If you are in the market for something easier, then Einstein Brain Trainer would be an ideal brainteaser app. Einstein has fun and simple workouts for your mind. If you enjoy the competitive aspect of Intelligence Series then you would also like Brain Battle Show Deluxe. In this app you can battle against users all over the world to determine who is the smartest.

Intelligence Series : IQ Test by Golden Academy screenshot

Intelligence Series: IQ Test is the perfect app for anyone who is serious about improving their intelligence. The questions in the app are no joke and can get frustrating for people just expecting a game. In my opinion, the app is worth the $0.99 because it serves the valid purpose of expanding your mind.