Google’s Chrome for iOS launched last week, and we absolutely love it. It may not be as fast as Safari on iOS, but with cross-device tab syncing, it’s already my preferred browser on my iDevices. A jailbreak tweak called BrowserChooser let me outright replace Safari with Chrome as my default browser, and an upcoming tweak called Chromizer will make Chrome even better, according to iDownloadBlog.

Chromizer is expected to hit Cydia tomorrow and will bring some nice features to Chrome on iOS, namely fullscreen support, Pull to Refresh, and iPhone-styled tab switching (iPad only).

A three-finger tap will toggle fullscreen viewing on and off. The feature looks especially good on the iPad. Pull to Refresh works as expected, while the new tab switching system on iPad feels (and works) much better than how Chrome normally handles tabs. Tab switching with Chromizer is achieved just how it is in Chrome (sliding your finger left or right from offscreen), but now it works just like on the iPhone. The change is nice, as it aesthetically mimics the iPad’s multitouch app switching gesture.

Jeff at iDownloadBlog posted this video of Chromizer in action:

Chromizer will be available for free tomorrow in Cydia’s ModMyi repository.

Google will likely add fullscreen support to Chrome in the future, but what other features would you like to make their way onto Chrome for iOS?

Source: iDownloadBlog