Apple’s “virtual assistant” voice recognition service, Siri, has been criticized even when running under the upcoming iOS 6 mobile operating system. Conversely, Google’s Voice Search software has been received not only as a Siri competitor, but as the better of the two. If you’ve decided that you’re sick of Siri and wish instead to take a walk on Google’s side of the street when it comes to voice recognition services, but don’t want to get an Android-powered smartphone, consider downloading a new jailbreak tweak called VoiceSearch now.

As Redmond Pie reports, this package allows users to perform a Google Voice Search on their iPhone handset, without having to launch a Google app (like Google Search, or Chrome). The website notes:

VoiceSearch is a package that allows users to perform a Google based search using a text string that is spoken into the device, rather than actually having to open up a device based web browser and type the search into the Google search box. When installed, VoiceSearch brings no additional Springboard icons or settings and is set up through the Activator settings that come with Ryan Petrich’s package. Once an Activator gesture has been set, it can then be used to start the listening mechanism of the package where a search command can be given.

The package also respects changes made regarding the default browser in jailbreak tweaks such as BrowserChooser, meaning users can have VoiceSearch launch Chrome upon the completion of the voice command, rather than the natively-default Safari app.

Currently, VoiceSearch is available to download for free in the Cydia Store. Take a look at the new jailbreak tweak now – but be careful not to make our darling Siri jealous, or you could end up having to write a gushy letter too!

Source: Redmond Pie