We’ve moved the hot new games of the week segment from Friday to Monday, so you guys can have all week to play them up. We mentioned a few new titles at the end of last week, but today we have even more – not to mention our staff pick for Game of the Week. Watch the show to see these new games in action.

Jar on a Bar:
Jar on a Bar is a great new title brought to us by Chillingo. This fishy puzzler, is cute and brings elements of Jenga to the table, or in this case, the river. The objective is to get the fish back in the water without killing him. Remove bars in order to safely get the fish down in a Jenga-like fashion. On his way down make sure not to spill water, or break the fish bowl.

Billy the Painter:
This is a great new type of puzzler that will make you think painting is fun, frustrating, but fun. Your job is to paint the warehouse floor, without going outside the lines. The hard part is deciding where to start painting since you want to make sure as much paint reaches the floor as possible. As soon as the paint hits the edge, that round is over. Will you be a sloppy painter, or will you do a good job? Download Billy the Painter yourself since it’s absolutely free!

Hasta la Muerte:
Creepy is all you need to know. This new game is creeptastic, but in a good way. Guide your little dude around the board to collect souls, and avoid the lost ones. The hand drawn graphics are not a new thing, but they totally work in Hasta la Muerte.

Spnonsor: Crazy Hedgy
This isn’t a new title, but their latest update makes Crazy Hedgy feel like a new game. Roll your way around the 3-D worlds picking up gems, coins, and socking-out your enemies. This one kind of reminds me of Mario once it got to Game Cube, but the one game it doesn’t remind me of is Sonic. If you want to try out Crazy Hedgy for free, take your chances at winning! Leave a comment to be entered to win a free promotional code here or on Tyler’s post.

Game of the Week: Outwitters
Outwit your friends in this turn-based game. The best thing about Outwitters is that it is nothing like Tilt to Live, the title that One Man Left, the developers, were previously known for. In Outwitters your mission is to get to your opponents tower and destroy it, while destroying your opponents minions along the way. It’s no wonder why the AppAdvice staff selected it as Game of the Week. Watch the show to see it in action.