It looks like Jay and Silent Bob have a new hangout spot: your iDevice. These burnouts are the stars of two new iOS games called Jay & Silent Bob in: Too Fat to Fly and Jay & Silent Bob in: Let Us Dance!

In the former, Silent Bob is a mechanical genius and built the greatest human catapult ever. So, of course, it’ll be used to launch him through the air. Use fireworks to keep Silent Bob in the air, while also trying to collect as many coins as you can. Imagine Jetpack Joyride, but instead of using a jetpack to stay airborne, you must use fireworks.

As outlined in the app’s release notes, here’s what you can expect:

  • Blast Silent Bob through Jersey street and mall levels
  • Unlock coins and Easter Eggs with the destructive power of fireworks
  • Earn bonus coins by completing unique Level Challenges
  • Use coins to upgrade your catapult and firepower, or unlock character skins
  • Game Center leaderboards and achievements

Jay & Silent Bob in: Too Fat to Fly

The duo’s other title, Jay & Silent Bob in: Let Us Dance!, is a rhythm-based match game, which challenges you to match colored button presses to the beat of the music in an effort to prove that Jay is the king of breakers. At the moment, the game features three different music styles and Game Center support.

This title plays similarly to a Tap Tap Revenge game, in which you must wait before the icons get to a certain point on the screen before making your move.

Jay & Silent Bob in: Let Us Dance!

Both titles are now available in the App Store. Jay & Silent Bob in: Let Us Dance! is free for both iPhone and iPad, while Too Fat to Fly is a $0.99 download for both the iPhone version and its iPad counterpart.

Snooch to the nooch!