My fond memories of the Sega Dreamcast console revolve largely around one title – Jet Set Radio. And Sega has announced that the HD remake of the creative title will be hitting iOS devices this summer.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the game, it’s enormously unique. Using cel-shaded graphics, players are tasked with skating around Tokyo and competing against other graffiti gangs.

And Sega is promising new features on the iOS version, including Retina display support and OpenFeint gaming. Players can also use photos taken with their iOS devices as graffiti inside the game, which does sound really interesting.

One of my other favorite parts of the original game was the music, and Sega says the remake will also have a genre-blending soundtrack.

The game will be available for both the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.

We’ll keep you up to date when we hear any more information like an exact release date or price.

With this game and Spy vs. Spy coming to the App Store soon, I’m really going to have my hands full playing some classic remakes.

What other classic games would you like see be remade for the iOS platform? If Sega can make Jet Set Radio half as much fun as Virtua Tennis Challenge is, I’ll be a happy gamer.