Sometimes the status bar on an iPhone handset can double in size, assuming twice the amount of the smartphone’s screen. This happens when users make a phone call, or when a voice memo is recorded. Though it’s kind of handy that the status bar doubles (this happens so that a timer can be displayed underneath the carrier name and battery life information), some folks would rather that their smartphone’s status bar remained the same size, all the time.

If you fall into this category, consider downloading MonoBar. Once downloaded and installed, this simple jailbreak tweak forces the iPhone’s status bar to maintain its usual size, even when users make calls or record voice memos. The downside is that the aforementioned timer won’t display, and in addition, users won’t be able to tap the status bar to return to a call or voice memo.

As you might expect, this simple tweak doesn’t add any additional panes to the Settings app, nor are any Home screen icons added after MonoBar has been installed. (The jailbreak tweak should take immediate effect after it has been downloaded and installed from the Cydia Store.)

If you’re interested, MonoBar can be yours for free. Just head over to the Cydia Store and search for it there (it’s available via the BigBoss repository). Enjoy!

Source: iDownloadBlog