We’re bringing back the Utility Toolbox! So, today we’re featuring three apps that have nothing to do with games! We have one app that will bring back the feel of reading the weather out of a newspaper, an app to log your summer fun and keep your appointments strait, plus one to help you create a video within a video.

Daily Weather+:
Daily Weather+ will be nostalgic for some, and a whole new experience for others. The cute graphics make you feel like you’re reading the weather out of a newspaper. Program different cities, and flip through the pages to get your weekly forecast. This is yet another great looking weather app that has hit the store recently, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Capture 365 Journal Pro:
Capture everything you do this summer using Capture 365 Journal Pro. It’s a calendar app that lets you record what you’re doing, and snap pictures so there’s no chance you’ll forget.

Video In Video:
Our sponsor this week, Video In Video, fits perfectly into our Utility Toolbox. ┬áThis is an app you don’t want to miss if you love making videos, or want to get into doing so. It lets you literally create a video within a video. The high quality look of this app, and product it puts out, makes it a must have. Also, watch the show to find out how you can win one of three iTunes gift cards, so you can download the in-app purchase for free!