It was early January when Noodlecake Studios launched Lunar Racer, an action-packed side-scrolling racing game that’s out of this world, and we haven’t seen an update since. The game hasn’t actually needed an update, but today’s release of v1.1 brings new life to the competition with all kinds of new content.

Previously, as in v1.0, Lunar Racer contained 12 different tracks or moons spread among four different location groups. Now there is a fifth location, the Wormhole, consisting of four new moons: Snow, Sand, Forest, and Metal.

All four moons have a very similar overall vibe in comparison to the earlier courses except a little extra on Forest and Metal. These two moons have a new element, loop-the-loops. That’s right, you’ll be speeding your racer up, around, and upside down. The loops seem to reduce lap times in general, but also include gaps for more strategic options.

Somewhat like the last two moons of Rhea, requiring wins in multiplayer mode, Wormhole is only open for entry when you pay up 5,000 Moonbux. While a little disappointing if you’re currently sitting on or around zero bux, it’s not an amount that will require days of effort to achieve.

Stepping away from the track, the second addition brought along in the v1.1 update is an Upgrades area. Located in the Garage, Upgrades goes beyond the cosmetic enhancements of the Paint Shop to improve engine, nitro, and shield efficiency. Each component is upgradeable by level at an increasingly greater Moonbux cost, just like we’ve become accustomed to.

The third and final change to Lunar Racer is the small addition to the Paint Shop: Sausage Rocket. A new body style to unlock and customize, Sausage Rocket is the newest way to stand out against your competitors.

Lunar Racer is a universal app compatible with iPad, second generation iPad, third generation iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 32GB and 64GB third generation iPod touch, fourth generation iPod touch and newer running iOS 4.0 or later, and available in the App Store for $0.99.