Apple has long benefited from the perception that their iOS and Mac App Stores are safe and secure, especially when it comes to installing app updates. However, new reports by and, suggests that is no longer the case, at least for now.

In recent days, a “mystery glitch” has affected a number of popular apps including Instapaper, GoodReader for iPad, PDX Bus, and Angry Birds Space HD Free.

In each instance, the app crashes after a user installs an update.

So what’s the problem?

According to GoodReader’s creators, the problem is an encryption issue on the App Store side. As a result, customers are receiving binaries that iOS refuses to launch.

For their part, Apple has yet to comment on this issue, or even acknowledge that it exists.

According to Instapaper developer Marco Arment, “the only way to resolve the issue once an app has been corrupted is to delete it entirely, and then reinstall it with a fresh, working version — assuming you have one available, that is.”

If you are having problems with app updates, we suggest checking out GoodReader’s step-by-step guide on how best to resolve the issue. Better yet, we suggest refraining from downloading updates to your most used apps for the time being. Or better yet, make sure you have a previous version of the app backed up just in case.

You can also check out our February report, “If You Keep The Files, Restoring Old App Versions Isn’t Hard.”

In the meantime, Arment is keeping track of all of the apps that are affected by this issue. His list of apps is available here.

He also states via Twitter:


We’ll keep you updated.

Have you noticed any problems with recent app updates?

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Via: The Verge