It’s not all black and white as far as today’s updates go in the sphere of photo apps. The full-color Photo Editor by Aviary has also been updated with a number of enhancements.

As pointed out by Christine in her review of the app last month, Photo Editor by Aviary serves as the mobile version of the Image Editor from the Aviary Tools suite for Web. And it serves quite well, I must say.

Some of the great tools provided by Aviary have been in use in a lot of other photo editing apps, including the comics-inspired Halftone. But it was only in early June that a dedicated iPhone app containing Aviary’s best image manipulation tools was introduced.

And now, nearly a couple of months after its launch, Photo Editor by Aviary is up to version 1.1.

Photo Editor by Aviary for iPhone

The highlight of Photo Editor by Aviary 1.1 is the addition of sharing features.

From the home screen, which shows your recent photos in a Cover Flow-like interface, you can email a selected photo or export it to other apps. The latter is especially useful if you want to share your Aviary-enhanced photos on Instagram.

A more native approach to sharing is presented by the app after you finish editing a photo. Optionally, you can automatically share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Tumblr, provided these services are already configured properly.

The newly updated Photo Editor by Aviary is available in the App Store for free, with additional effect packs accessible via in-app purchase.

The latest update to the app also brings the ability to rotate the orientation of crop options and the ability to restore purchased effects from other devices.