The iPhone has some pretty stunning video recording capabilities. Given the crisp, HD shots you can take and countless apps available for you to fine-tune your footage, it’s no wonder that even filmmakers are dabbling with the iPhone to do their work. Unfortunately, we all don’t have access to professional camera rigs and the iPhone 4S’ built-in video stabilization doesn’t entirely eliminate that “shaky cam” look. With something like the Picosteady, your shots will be smoother than ever.

At least, that’s what this Kickstarter project is promising.

Like iStabilizer’s video stabilizer, the Picosteady is a portable solution to help you get some steady shots on your iPhone, or almost any other camera. The rig uses counterweights to balance your iPhone/camera on its aluminum frame, which then (hopefully) keeps your camera from getting the jitters while recording on the move.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

The Picosteady has about a month left to reach its $15,025 goal on Kickstarter. A pledge of $139 will get you one Picosteady unit. Although each unit comes with a universal smartphone mount, adding an extra $15 to your pledge will add a nifty Glif to your order.

"The Picosteady is made of custom-made parts and off-the-shelf hardware."

If all goes according to plan, the Picosteady is expected to ship this August. The iPhone 4S’ camera is no slouch, but we can expect the next iPhone’s camera to be an even better performer, especially when paired with something like the Picosteady.

Will you back this project? Or, are you better off buying a “real” camera instead of tricking out your iPhone with accessories like the Picosteady?