Combining the casual yet challenging characteristics of games like Crazy Cannon and Thirsty Fish, Fishing Joy provides action-packed arcade enjoyment for more than 85 million players. Hoping to continue on that success, PunchBox is on the verge of releasing the sequel, Fishing Joy 2.

Just like the original, Fishing Joy 2 immerses players in a beautifully crafted underwater scene where they must catch fish to earn coins by strategically firing a cannon. However, the sequel will also contain even more potency by offering a higher risk with higher rewards.

Fishing Joy definitely had some pop to it, but Fishing Joy 2 has 50 times the amount of bang for your buck. Specifically, you will be able to multiply the weight of each shot by up to 50 times the minimum. Such an option will allow you to capture much bigger fish more easily, although, it is a high risk use of coins.

In addition, PunchBox is providing even more reasons to level up and earn the most coins with the possibility to purchase power-ups and unlock a secondary underwater scene, the Blue Coast.

The International edition of Fishing Joy 2 is scheduled to be available in the App Store as separate iPhone and iPad versions, each priced at $0.99, starting July 12. Until then, you can download copies of Fishing Joy and Fishing Joy HD in the App Store for free.