The official iPad client of the popular photography website 500px has just been updated with a handful of changes.

Originally launched in 2003 and relaunched in its current incarnation in 2009, 500px is an online community frequented by aspiring and professional photographers. The site prides itself in showcasing only photos that are of excellent quality, notably taken with high-resolution cameras.

Since October 2011, 500px has made its wide-ranging photographic content easily accessible on iOS via its namesake iPad client. And just a few hours ago, an update was pushed to the app, bringing with it the following new features:

  • Push Notifications
  • Take the Tour
  • Find Your Friends
  • Login with Twitter

In the latest version of 500px for iPad, you can now be notified via push every time your photos receive a like, fave, or comment. As well, you can be notified when someone follows you or when any of your photos enters the Upcoming, Popular, or Editor’s Choice galleries.

Take the 500px tour.

The app now also includes a Take the Tour slide collection, which is quite useful for new users. Through short video demos and text instructions, the tutorial offers a brief look at the app’s various sections.

Find Your Friends lets you connect with other 500px members you might know through Facebook and Twitter. In line with this, you can now also log in with Twitter, i.e., sign up or connect your existing 500px with the new bird logo-donning social network.

It’s worth noting that, unlike its previous versions, the app now requires you to sign up for a 500px account or log in with your Facebook or Twitter credentials.

Provided with a $2.99 in-app purchase for every photo download, 500px for iPad is available in the App Store for free. If you’re looking for a 500px client for iPhone instead, you can check out Pulpfingers’ ISO500 for 500px, which has been recently updated as well.