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Battleground Defense 2 The City ($2.99) by Evelyn Labs is a tower defense game where the entire city is under attack and you must defend it from an army of invaders. Build a line of defense that includes flamethrowers, cannons and even surface-to-air missiles.

Battleground Defense 2 The City by Evelyn Labs screenshot

This game is fairly typical of the tower defense genre. Players must build a defensive wall of gun turrets to stop wave after wave of enemy vehicles from reaching the building or area that needs to be protected. In this game, 15 vehicles can get through the defense line before you lose.

Players start with $800. Machine guns cost $100. Cannons cost $400. Missiles cost $100. EMPs (electromagnetic pulse weapons) cost $400. Every time you shoot down an enemy, you earn money to buy more weapons. As the vehicles become stronger, the winnings become greater. Once you’ve earned enough cash and planted enough weapons, you can upgrade to more powerful guns. You can turn your machine gun into a medium gun and then a heavy gun, or save up and upgrade it to a flamethrower.

There are three different levels of wave difficulties. Player can choose between 30, 50 and 80 waves for a variety of challenges. You can speed up time if you feel pretty good about your placement of weapons. This will cut the amount of time it takes to get through the waves by half.

As tower defense games go, this is nothing new. It is loads of fun and offers a lot of ways to win each round. However, there are only four weapons available, even though they can be upgraded, and it is never difficult to complete a level. For $2.99, I’d say the game is too expensive. There is a free version that includes advertisements. I recommend downloading the free game and suffering through ads. The paid version is just not worth three bucks.