FLUXE : Pop Droppin

FLUXE : Pop Droppin’ Blocks ($0.99) by Xix Interactive LLC is a puzzle game for fans of Tetris. This falling-block challenge puts a new twist on an old genre. Instead of waiting for the right block to appear, players get to choose which shapes they want to drop. Once you play Fluxe, you’ll never see Tetris the same way again.

FLUXE : Pop Droppin

Players start with a cache of blocks on the right side of the screen. Players can select any of the blocks in the “well” to drop onto the game board on the right side of the screen. The difficulty lies in the fact that you can’t adjust, spin or move the blocks at all. Once selected, they appear on the board in their specific location.

The blocks are arranged in the well by their final position. All blocks on the far-left of the well will land on the left side of the board. The blocks in the center will fall down the middle of the board. The blocks on the far-right of the well will end up on the right side of the game board.

As time ticks by, blocks from below appear, adding to the difficulty in removing blocks. Similarly to Tetris, once the game board is full, you lose. Each level gets more difficult because block shapes become more unusual.

This is a fantastic game that is challenging and entertaining. Fans of the falling-block genre will really enjoy the unique way that this game is played. Even if you aren’t particularly good at these types of puzzles, there is an “easy” mode to help you get the hang of things. The price is right at only $0.99 and the graphics look slick. It is a must-have for fans of Tetris.