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Real Price ~ compare unit prices ($1.99) by gearbizz makes shopping so much easier by helping you calculate the lowest unit price of whatever you’re purchasing. This app makes sure that you never overspend on anything ever again by showing you what you are really paying. This is a great app, especially for people who like to shop wholesale.

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Upon opening Real Price, you are shown the help screen, which quickly explains this simple app. The next screen allows you to enter the quantity, size, unit, and price for your products. The result will be the per unit price (real price). The real price of the product is listed on the left side of the screen. You can even list several products at once and compare the real prices to see which one is less expensive.

This app is convenient and helpful when it comes to making sure I am getting the best prices on my shopping trips. Whenever I go to a wholesale store, I’m always curious as to whether the product I’m buying really is less expensive in bulk. In this economy, it is always comforting to know I’m getting the best price possible. By showing you the real price, the app can also help you stick to a weekly budget and get more for your money than ever before.

While this is not necessarily meant to be a budgeting app, it can certainly keep you from spending too much at the store. There are a few other apps in the App Store that can help you keep your expenses in a tidy budget. Archiveme HD is a great app that lets you organize your monthly expenses on your iPad. It is a unique app that lets you take pictures of bills and receipts and organize them accordingly. This app will give you a detailed description of your spending every month. Another great budgeting app is Bankr Personal Finance. In this app, you can keep track of all your accounts and stocks, as well as set weekly budgets for each account. Bankr lets you enter in all of your income and expense transactions so you always know exactly how much money you have in your account.

Real Price ~ compare unit prices by gearbizz screenshot

If you do a lot of wholesale shopping then Real Price is the app for you. Priced at $1.99 it is worth trying out. I know that I will be taking this app with me on every future shopping trip.