Curious Satellite’s black-and-white photography app Hueless has undergone another picture perfect update.

Optimized for iPhone, Hueless is not a mere photo app that post-processes color photos into black-and-white ones. Instead, it’s a photo app that shows a live black-and-white preview right on the viewfinder.

Simply put, with Hueless, what you see is what you get, as opposed to what you add photo effects to is what you get. More simply put, Hueless is a photo shooting app rather than a photo effect app.

The app’s previous update added an orange filter, Instagram integration, custom EXIF metadata, and performance improvements. This latest one, which bumps Hueless to version 1.2 and adds three much-requested features, is a bit more substantial.

First off, Hueless 1.2 introduces native square/1:1 aspect shooting, which is ideal for sharing black-and-white photos to Instagram. Just pinch inward on the viewfinder to enable square shooting or pinch outward to revert to full-frame shooting.

Hueless 1.2

Second, there’s the new rest-and-release shutter mode. The not “huemorless” team behind Hueless explains:

Some photographers prefer to rest their finger on the shutter button and release when the shot presents itself, a useful technique when capturing subjects that are in motion or fleeting events like lightning or love.

Finally, the update adds integration with Launch Center Pro. Now you can launch Hueless with a single finger using the popular shortcut app.

Hueless 1.2 also packs the followings minor changes:

  • Fresh app icons
  • Various visual improvements
  • Revised Help screen
  • Updated iOS Settings app Hueless pane

Hueless 1.2 is available as a free update to existing users or as a $1.99 download in the App Store for new ones.

Remember: as the saying goes (or not), Hueless is more.