While Samsung’s request for a stay on the recently-ordered Galaxy Nexus injunction has been denied, U.S. Android customers may not have to wait very long before the smartphone is back online and back on store shelves. Evidently, Samsung is already working with Google — and may have been doing so for some time in anticipation of Judge Lucy Koh’s ruling — on bringing the patent-violating Galaxy Nexus software into compliance with an automatic over-the-air update.

Of course, even if the two companies successfully deploy the fix, any existing Galaxy Nexus stock pulled from store shelves won’t be sellable unless and until all of the units are updated with the forthcoming patch. That means that somebody — or a team of somebodies — has to open up each retail box, power on each device, and install each update manually. Logistically, that presents a few hurdles, but a little overtime never hurt anyone, right?

Plus, provided Google and Samsung release that software patch soon enough, it’ll be a big win all around: Google and Samsung will again be able to sell their reference Android handset, Apple will establish precedence for a good-faith resolution in an important patent case (pending appeal, of course), and you and I can continue to enjoy the many consumer benefits of good, clean, honest competition.

Source: Electronista, Macworld