In an apparent change of heart, Apple is now requiring at least some users to enter their passwords to download free apps in the latest beta version of iOS 6, according to 9to5Mac.

As we recently reported, the beta, for a time, was not requiring a password to be entered when downloading free apps. The summation was that Apple wanted it to be even easier for customers to download apps.

With the new version of iOS 6 (and OS X Mountain Lion), users don’t need to enter passwords to download app updates or previous purchases, which is definitely great news for heavy app downloaders like the AppAdvice staff.

But today, 9to5Mac published a screen shot of the new beta again requiring a password to download a free app. So, either Apple made a change to beta 3 over the air or only some users don’t have to enter a password.

I’m hoping this situation gets rectified by the time iOS 6 is officially released sometime this fall. Having to constantly enter a password to download free apps is a pain, and removing this requirement will help make it easier to get quality titles to users.

I think the only time I should have to enter my password is to download a paid title, or an in-app purchase.

Source: 9to5Mac