Photos of supposed “iPhone 5 engineering samples” are being shown off by GottaBeMobile.

The site is claiming that the sample came straight from a supply chain source in China. Instead of looking like an actual phone, the sample is a metal block showing the size and design of the next iPhone along with where the antenna and ports will be located.

And if the sample is genuine, it does confirm what we know about the new iPhone so far.

The size and shape of the block matches up with what we previously reported on in late May as leaked images showed a taller (but not wider) screen, a unibody enclosure, and two-tone backing.

Interestingly, the mold is showing a rear-facing microphone between the camera lens and flash. That could be used for rear video recording and/or to improve call quality.

Along with probable support for LTE networking and NFC capabilities, the new handset will be sporting a vastly smaller 19-pin dock connection and A6 processor. The iPhone 5 will supposedly be available when iOS 6 goes live sometime this fall.

While 9to5Mac speculates that the “sample” may simply be a case maker’s mold, it should be an interesting few months of rumors. Do you like the new look?

Source: GottaBeMobile
Via: 9to5Mac