The innovative MagSkin’s initial Kickstarter campaign hit a few snags the first time around, but creator Daniel Weyer has effectively relaunched the fundraiser with a slew of new product features.

For those that don’t know, the MagSkin is a simple, sub-millimeter-thick piece of stylized, magnetic backing form-fit for your iPhone 4/4S. Held on by a gunkless adhesive (I’ve removed and reapplied my MagSkin test unit a dozen times over the past several weeks with zero mess and no loss of stickiness — in the heat of a Florida summer, no less!), the accessory securely holds your handset against any ferrous surface. Because of this, I’ve found my MagSkin particularly useful at the gym, where I can mount my iPhone on nearly any machine or rack on the floor to record important sets and form checks.

Of course, not every surface is magnet-friendly, so Dan’s including bonus MagDocks with every pledge. These are simple, effective magnet mounts that can stick to anything from headboards and cabinets to dashboards and windshields, allowing your MagSkin-backed iPhone to go where no iPhone has gone before.

To claim your MagSkin for as little as $11, head on over to Kickstarter and make a pledge. Worried about iPhone 5 compatibility? Don’t be — Dan’s got that covered. Oh, and there’s an iPad version, too.

Between my MagSkin and my Ultima, I’m pretty much covered for any iPhone-mounting contingency ever.

Are you?