Readers often ask me “how easy it is to create apps for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad?” Unfortunately, like most folks, I have yet to learning iOS coding, even though I’d like to.

The reason? Until now, I thought learning iOS would take too much time and prove difficult.

However, would-be developers now have a new online resource to learn iOS – and one that comes from a great source.

TinkerLearn is a new service from Mysterious Trousers, the creators of the popular Calvetica Calendar and Dialvetica Contacts apps. It is an online learning tool that uses real apps to help you learn source code.

Available through the TinkerLearn website, each lesson plan focuses on helping people learn iOS code, even if they’ve never done so before.

To get started, users download a real, working app onto their Mac. From there, TinkerLearn guides you through the code, explaining things as you go.

Best of all, as you make changes to the code, you’ll see how those changes influence the app using Apple’s own Xcode and iOS Simulator software.

Available lessons include: Clues, Buttons, Tips, Shapes, Browser, Todos, and Events, with more topics expected soon. Lessons are priced from $1.99 to $5.99, with one lesson included for free.

To use the lessons, you’ll need a Mac running the latest version of MacOS X and Xcode.

Take a look:


TinkerLearn Demo from Mysterious Trousers on Vimeo.

TinkerLearn looks promising. In fact, I plan to use the service to (finally) learn iOS.

Are you ready to learn iOS code and create the App Store’s next great app?