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Showboat ($1.99) by Drawnn, LLC is an ideal app for keeping all your photos organized. Whether you need to keep images categorized for work or just for fun, this easy-to-use app gets the job done. So grab your iPad and get started creating beautiful albums.

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Showboat has a built-in tutorial that starts as soon as you open the app. Arrows and simple instructions point you in the right direction to start creating your collections and albums. Multiple albums can be grouped together to form a collection. I liked this feature because I could manage all my similar albums by putting them in one collection. Once you name your collection, you can start adding in albums.

Once you have added and named an album, you can start filling it with pictures. Pictures can be added from your camera roll, Instagram feed, Dropbox, and Flickr accounts. You must add pictures one by one; there is no way to create an album in Showboat from an already existing album on your device. For me, this was a big drawback because it is so time consuming to add pictures in one at a time.

There are numerous ways to customize each page in your album. You can display your pictures using five different page layouts. These layouts range from displaying one to four pictures per page. Double tap each photo to write notes on the back and personalize them even more. Once you have created your beautiful albums, you can show them off by emailing them to your friends.

Preserving memories is something that is very important to me. Since Showboat can only be used on the iPad, I wanted to find an album app that I could use on my iPhone. Mooklet is the perfect iPhone album app. You can create gorgeous, totally customized albums and have them conveniently stored on your iPhone. Another way to preserve your memories is through video. Intro Designer is a great app for editing your videos on the go. This app is simple to use and once you’re done with editing, you can export the videos to iMovie and watch them on your Mac.

Showboat by Drawnn, LLC screenshot

If you are in the market for an iPad app that organizes pictures into stunning, convenient collections, look no further than Showboat. The only thing that could make this app better would be if I could insert a whole album instead of having to add in pictures one by one.