For many users who, like me, advocate content creation on iOS, Dropbox integration alone is often enough as a file storage system for text files. Frankly, as long as there’s Dropbox in a writing app, I wouldn’t mind not having support for iCloud and other syncing services. It’s why I don’t mind at all that Dropbox is required to use Prasanna Gopalakrishnan’s universal writing app WriteUp, which, as it happens, recently got a neat update.

To its credit, WriteUp does sync with iCloud to a certain extent. But the app’s full label in the App Store is WriteUp – Notes with Dropbox, and that’s exactly what it is. WriteUp is an app that lets you write notes tightly integrated with the popular file hosting service.

WriteUp has just been upgraded to version 3.2, gaining a few useful features in the process.

The most notable among the new features of the app is no doubt its support for swipe-based cursor movement and text selection.

As demonstrated in the video below, this feature adds two new gestures. First, you can now swipe with two fingers across the keyboard to move the cursor. Second, you can now swipe with three fingers across the keyboard to select text.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Pretty neat, huh? Of course, this is hardly a novelty. RememberHooper Selection” and SlideWriter?

Note that this feature works in the app’s iPad version only. Also, for optimal results, it’s recommended that you turn off the split keyboard in your iPad’s Settings pane.

WriteUp 3.2 also introduces new fonts, namely M+ 1m, M+ 1c, and Cousine. The latter, in particular, is now the default writing and reading font.

New enhancements to the research view are also in effect following the update. Research view now supports history suggestions as well as bookmarks, which can be synced between devices via iCloud.

In addition, WriteUp 3.2 finally brings “true full screen.” Simply put, the status bar now disappears when entering full screen mode.

That’s about it for the noteworthy changes in the latest version of WriteUp 3.2. But Gopalakrishnan has a word of warning for users running iOS 6 beta 3:

Beta 3 introduced many issues in this version of WriteUp. Since it was released very late in the development process, I have not updated the app for this version yet. I am working on it, please skip this version if you are on this version. Thanks.

WriteUp 3.2 is available now in the App Store. Coinciding with the release of the update, the app’s price has been reduced to $2.99. That’s a couple of dollars saved against its original price.

So, if you’ve been looking for a reliable writing app with Dropbox support, now’s a good time to get WriteUp – Notes with Dropbox.