When news of a popular iOS game being adapted into comic book form breaks, you can bet that Ape Entertainment is behind it. Such is the case for the just-announced and soon-to-be-released comics based on Imangi Studios’ top-grossing endless runner, Temple Run.

Having remixed the well-loved iOS games Pocket God and Cut the Rope for the comic book medium, Ape Entertainment has struck a licensing deal with Imangi Studios in order to do the same with Temple Run.

This new deal comes just weeks after Imangi Studios partnered with Disney for the release of Temple Run: Brave, which is basically a “Brave”-themed version of the original game.

No definite release date has been set, but Ape Entertainment says that it plans to release the comics in print as well as through a standalone Temple Run Comics app for iOS.

According to the publisher, the comics series in development will “explore the yet untold backstory of the characters found within the game and delve into the mysteries surrounding the ancient temples they run through.” I don’t know about you, but I’m most eager to find out how those demonic monkeys ended up being so, well, demonic.

Source: Ape Entertainment
Via: Touch Arcade