First, there was Pair. And then there was Avocado. Now, there’s LoveByte.

LoveByte is the newest app to enter the niche that has been carved for romantic couples.

Like Pair and Avocado (Pear?), LoveByte is a special social network for two. Basically, it gives you and your significant other your very own private Facebook.

With LoveByte, you and your beloved can keep track of your exciting journey through the tunnel of love, so to speak.

Once your LoveByte accounts are duly associated with each other, you can start building your joint profile on LoveByte.

Apart from showing how many days you’ve been together, your profile can contain any number of photos, notes and dates.


One nice use of your profile is for marking milestones in your relationship.

Remember your first date, your first overseas vacation, or the first time you met each other’s parents? Your LoveByte profile can contain photos, notes, and dates about those and more.

In addition, LoveByte has a built-in chat function, so you can exchange sweet nothings in private right within the app.

It also lets you browse a list of date ideas and send a date invitation to your loved one in the form of a “surprising” scratch card.

Featuring a cute and bubbly interface, LoveByte is available now in the App Store for free.

So, the next time you see another couple on your Facebook feed or Twitter timeline posting mushy stuff to each other, you don’t say “Get a room!” anymore. Just tell them to get LoveByte instead.