Pholium has gone through a major update recently, thereby earning several much-requested features.

Launched last April, Pholium is an iPad app that enables you to create e-books out of your photos. It not only lets you create photo e-books, I hasten to add, but it also lets you view and publish them right on Pholium’s proprietary platform.

While Pholium is a powerful tool for making and managing photo e-books, it does come with a rather perplexing sharing approach. Or it did so, I should say. By popular demand, Pholium has been updated to do away with said approach.

Prior to the update, Pholium allowed sharing of each e-book you create with up to 10 recipients for free. Beyond that, you have to purchase a so-called Pholda for $0.99 to be able to share with 10 additional recipients.

Now, though, you can already share as many e-books as you want as many times as you want for free. Definitely a much simpler approach to sharing.

What’s more, you can now include an unlimited number of photos in an e-book. Also, you can now add text and captions on every page. If you’ve been wanting to retell “Moby-Dick” or “War and Peace” in photos, now’s your chance to do so.

Pholium Captions

Note that text and captions can now fill pages, be styled, and be rotated. The number of fonts for captions and titles has also been increased.

Concurrent with the release of the update, a price drop has also been applied to Pholium. Whereas the app cost $9.99 at launch and $4.99 shortly thereafter, now Pholium is available in the App Store for free.

So, if you’ve been wanting to create a photo album in the form of a shareable e-book, there’s no better time to get Pholium than now.

But if you happen to have bought Pholium before the update and price drop, you’re entitled to a $10 iTunes gift card courtesy of the developer of the app. You may redeem it by visiting this link and entering your Pholium account email.