After a short break, AppAdvice Daily is back with the hottest new apps and updates of the week.


We start off the show with a new app called Gratitude365. The simple layout, and easy to use interface will have you listing out what you’re grateful for a day at a time.


Want a camera app that really makes you feel like you’re using a DSLR instead of your iPhone? ProCam will help, and if you want to try it out, today’s your day. Just leave a comment for your chance to win.

Instagram Update:

Instagram has released an update that adds a new map view, prettier profiles and more. However, now you can’t add your friends from Twitter, but I guess we can’t blame Instagram too much, watch the show to find out why.

App of the Week: Pinterest

Finally we round out the show by featuring Pinterest. No it’s not a new app, but it’s new to your iPad. Pinterest is now universal, and really shines with the extra screen space. Watch the show to see it in action.