If you haven’t been following the currently-ongoing case in San Jose, Calif., Apple and Samsung are – unsurprisingly – suing one another again. Most recently, Apple has accused Samsung of copying its iPhone icons, and has a bunch of rather convincing comparison images which it’s using as evidence.

As you can see in the lead image, there are more than a few similarities between Apple- and Samsung-produced handsets. After making a number of other allegations regarding the “influence” Samsung appears to have taken from the iPhone, Apple is now accusing the South Korean company of copying iOS icons, too. And – though this is an iDevice-related website – I have to say, it looks like Apple has a point.

See what you think:

Phone app

iTunes Store app

Settings app

It’s difficult to draw the line between plagiarism, and Samsung simply using icons typically associated with the different aspects of a smartphone. For example, music notes and CDs are often associated with digital music stores, as are cogs with handset settings. But are the similarities between the iPhone’s icons and those of Samsung’s smartphones just a little¬†too similar?

If any more news hits the Web regarding this case, we’ll let you know.

Source: CNET
Via: Redmond Pie