Do a Google search for “Sept. 12″ and you’ll find that the date is a significant one for techies around the world. This is the date, as we’ve often said, that Apple is supposed to unveil the next iPhone at a media event. However, something is missing for this event to become a reality.

As of now, Apple has yet to announce the event, let alone invite folks to attend. And, as frequent travelers know, 14 days advanced notice is typically needed to get the best rates for airfare.

Now, we understand that Cupertino isn’t in the budget travel business, especially given their stock’s recent share price. But, isn’t it almost too late for them to schedule an event that is supposed to be held in 15 days?

Maybe not. It should be noted that in 2011, Apple didn’t announce their fall event until Sept. 27. This was just eight days before the event that featured the iPhone 4S was actually held on Oct. 4. In other words, Apple still has time to announce a Sept. 12 event.

Let’s go Apple. A lot of people are waiting for an announcement.

Photo: Apple’s invitation in 2011