Tired of Instagram and its a-dime-a-dozen clones in the App Store? Then take a look at Etchings, a newly released app that promises to be a different kind of photo filter app.

Etchings, as its name suggests, lets you add effects to images to make them look as though they’re etched illustrations.

Created with the etching and engraving techniques used in printmaking in mind, Etchings offers as many as eight stylistic filters.

These include the Classic filter, which lets you “create a timeless black-and-white illustration with amazing detail.” There’s also the Spectrum filter, which makes for an “extra-vibrant work of art.” And if you’d like to achieve an effect inspired by stamps and currency, you can easily do so with the Air Mail filter.


Whichever filter you use, Etchings lets you adjust the thickness and spacing of the etched lines to your satisfaction. And once you’re done, you can easily share your Etchings creation with your friends on such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, and, of course, Instagram.

Note that images in Etchings are saved at a resolution of 1,200 by 1,200 pixels. This should suffice for further sharing and post-processing in most other photo apps. But rest assured that higher resolutions are already planned for future updates to the app.

Designed for iPhone and iPod touch but also compatible with iPad, Etchings is available now in the App Store for $0.99.

As far as I know, there’s nothing quite like Etchings in the App Store. And for that reason alone, Etchings has already been etched in my app-savvy memory.