Did you break your iDevice screen? Don’t cry, fix it! On today’s show we talk about all the different options, and price points to get your iDevice back in perfect working order.

Apple offers iDevice owners screen repair options that will cost you $149-$199. This is a viable option for those who don’t have AppleCare Plus.

AppleCare Plus is great for those that just got their phone. It’s only available for the first 30 days after purchase. It will cost you $99, plus an additional $49 for each hardware repair. Keep in mind you only get two.

Do it yourself! Visit sites like iFixit, or iCracked to get a repair kit mailed to you.

Find someone in your area to do it for you. We suggest you Google it, and find the best price near you.

Finally, get a case! Protect that precious device. Check out some of the awesome cases we’ve talked about on the show before.