If you’re a regular at AppAdvice, you’re probably already familiar with some of Jorge MacSwiney’s original illustrations. Particularly noteworthy is this image, which we often use to highlight various jailbreak articles (though I actually prefer — sans voice balloons — his playful statement on the mobile state of the art). Well, we’d like to officially introduce Jorge — who goes by the handle Macsorro –as our “iOS Artist in Residence.”

However, Jorge’s work isn’t all iOS-related. True, he often ditches the paint and canvas for stylus and iPhone, but most of his focus — even on the go — sits squarely on the various pop culture phenomena that daily fill our modern, connected lives. You can check out a sample of his portfolio at his blog.

His latest piece, a portrait of Bane from “The Dark Knight Rises,” reflects this. And though I’d rather see Tom Hardy as Charles Bronson, the expertly-crafted composition is almost as entertaining. Indeed, it shows just how effective the iPhone can be in the hands of a bona fide digital artist.

Here’s a slick video of how the headshot came together over three two-hour sessions:

Surprisingly, Jorge crafted each step in the universal Sketch Club app (which, I admit, flew completely under my radar), and it certainly seems capable of going toe-to-toe with the likes of Procreate and SketchBook Pro. Just don’t try to paint with your fingers, as detail of this sort really requires a bit of extra precision. Of course, being the starving artist that he is, Jorge didn’t spring for an Architect or oStylus — he simply made his own implement from readily-available parts. A cheap, bladeless X-Acto knife, some generic capacitive foam cut to size, a little glue, and voila!

But even if you’ve already got a stylus, Jorge has another important tip to share: Whatever app you choose, make sure it has a zoom function, or else your eyeballs will be in big trouble.

And that, he quips, would give “Retina display” a whole new meaning.