Kobo, the official iOS app of the e-bookseller of the same name, has recently received another significant update.

Kobo is one of my favorite e-reading apps on my iPhone and iPad. While I also use the more popular iBooks, Kindle, and Nook, Kobo remains an indispensable part of my e-reading routine.

The main reason behind my preference toward Kobo is the general affordability of books in its e-bookstore. Moreover, since it uses Adobe DRM, I can read any book I purchase from the Kobo store on my Nook Simple Touch e-reader.

As it happens, Kobo’s integration of Adobe DRM is one of the highlights of the latest update to the app.

The update adds support for Adobe DRM ePubs and PDFs side-loaded into the app. Such e-books are available from most e-booksellers other than Apple’s iBookstore and Amazon’s Kindle Store. This is definitely a great move toward upholding the interoperability of e-books purchased from various sources.

Kobo Storage Management

Another highlight of the update is the introduction of the new Storage Management feature.

Storage Management lets you select which books to keep on your device. To access this feature, go to the app’s settings menu and tap “Storage Management.” You can then choose the books you wish to archive or delete.

The update also includes support for more languages, namely French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Dutch. As well, the update renders links within PDFs tappable and, of course, squashes a number of bugs.

Designed complete with Retina text and graphics for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Kobo is available in the App Store for free.