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Forget Over-Stuffing Your Bra Or Pockets, The Q To The Rescue

Forget Over-Stuffing Your Bra Or Pockets, The Q To The Rescue

August 5, 2012

An iPhone card case is something of a life saver — and space saver. Forget having to stash cash, ID, and credit cards in your bra, ladies. And no more having to carry your significant other’s crap because you have bigger pockets (or pockets at all). Sounds great, right?

Enter: The Q Card Case by CM4.

There are many card cases for the iPhone, but most are bigger, bulkier. The Q is very high quality and a lot less bulky. It fits the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. It also comes in four colors: white, black, pink, or peacock (kind of a seafoam green). And trust me, it’s hard to choose. They all look great.

The Good

I put everything in this case. Sometimes, too much. But ever since I had the pleasure of using the Q case, I haven’t looked back. Rarely do I use any other case. It’s so convenient and I love not having to carry something extra like a purse, and not having to make sure I have pockets that my extra junk will fit in. The Q case is incredibly convenient and the design and look of it is great. Also, due to the cut out on the bottom of the "card part" of the case, it's easy to slide your cards and money out.

The Q case is very well made and sturdy. It’s made of high quality fabric (that’s very leather-like) and has a rubber outer band. Despite it’s quality and sturdiness, it’s not bulky at all; it’s surprisingly very slim for a card case. This makes it easy to carry around, without being frustrated with the extra weight or bulk.

The outer edge of the case is rubber and it lips up over the iPhone. This way, you can lay the phone flat on any surface and not have to worry about scratches.

The buttons all have super responsive “Natural Throw” covers. I really like this as you can tell exactly when you’re pressing the buttons. The tactile response is perfect. Also, each port has a cut out, including the camera. It’s wide enough and has a black ridge to ensure the flash works properly with the case on. And, yes, you can dock the iPhone with the case on.

The Bad

All of the colored cases but the black one seem to get rather dingy after a couple of weeks of use. The case itself is fabric, but the outer edge is rubber and that is what gets filthy. I tried cleaning it up with a damp cloth, a damp cloth with a little soap, and even some 409 — nothing. So unless you get the black case, keep in mind it may start looking a bit dingy. It doesn’t bother me much, but that may be a deal breaker for some.

The leather-like fabric case does seem to stretch a bit. In other words, if you go overboard like me and try to stuff your ID, three credit cards, a wad of cash, and some coupons in the case, next time you just want to put your ID and one credit card in there, it may seem a bit loose. Although I still do this and use the case afterwards, somehow nothing has fallen out yet. But just be warned that the leather part that holds the cards will stretch if you push it. It’s only meant to hold three cards and some cash.

Now, I’m sure you all know what a home screen nut I am by now. I rearrange apps often, so the fact that the card case has a slight ridge on it is quite frustrating. It makes it nearly impossible to move apps to different screens with this case on. You’ll have to pull the case back to get anywhere most times.

In that same vein, it’s kind of tough to remove the CM4. The outer edge really clamps on tightly. This is both a good and a bad thing I guess. Because it fits the phone so snugly, you know it won’t fall off and is protective. But getting it off is also kind of a pain. Very doable, but a pain.


The Q Card Case has quickly become my go-to iPhone case. It’s quick and convenient. I don’t have to carry a purse or stuff things in my tiny jean pockets or bra. Instead, I just get to carry my stuff right with the one thing permanently attached to my hand anyway: my iPhone.

Of course, if you don’t want to carry your iPhone around, you’ll need a place to stick that. And I can think of a good place, for some of you.

You can purchase the CM4 Q Card Case directly from the CM4 website or from Amazon. Either way, it’s the same price ($39.99); though you may be able to save on shipping with Amazon, so keep that in mind.

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