The popular iPhone retro platformer Pizza Boy is set to mark its second anniversary next week. But as early as now, Pizza Boy developer Acne Play is already in a celebratory mood as it has just released Pizza Boy Lite in the App Store.

“Pizza Boy was one of the first retro platformers to hit the App Store back in 2010,” says Acne Play. “With a steady stream of new fantastic fans, new awesome reviews and with a lot of love and appreciation from old fabulous fans we have decided to celebrate our 2 year anniversary by releasing a Lite version of the game!”

So, if you haven’t downloaded and played it yet since its debut a couple of years ago, you can now try Pizza Boy for free through Pizza Boy Lite.

Pizza Boy Lite

Pizza Boy Lite is a sort of appetizer to the delicious retro platforming worlds of Pizza Boy. The new lite version serves the game’s entire first world, which contains four exciting levels.

And if, after playing Pizza Boy Lite, you realize that four levels aren’t enough (they totally aren’t), you can go ahead and purchase the full version of Pizza Boy for $1.99.

Ahead of the release of Pizza Boy Lite, Pizza Boy was updated yesterday with Game Center integration. That means new achievements, new challenges, and even a new high-score system. Also, Pizza Boy’s icon was replaced with a new one that shows off the game’s retro pixel style.

All of these changes, or toppings, if you will, have also been applied to the hot-off-the-oven Pizza Boy Lite.