Anomaly Warzone Earth has been a great triumph for 11 Bit Studios. It should come as no surprise, then, that the Poland-based developer is set to release a sequel for the Apple Design Award-winning “tower offense” game. What’s more, it’s set to debut two original titles ahead of the upcoming sequel.

At the ongoing Gamescom video game trade fair in Cologne, Germany, 11 Bit Studios showed Joystiq the three games that are coming along nicely in its pipeline. Each of these games is coming soon to iOS and other popular platforms soon.

First, there’s Funky Smugglers, a game that combines groovy 70s sensibilities with arcade entertainment. In it, you must thwart the titular contrabandists by swiping the illegal items they’re trying to smuggle through the airport.

Luckily, you can rely on your trusty X-ray scanner to reveal what incredible things they’re hiding inside their luggage, under their clothes, and even in their afros! Funky Smugglers is grooving onto your devices in September.

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Second, there’s the puzzle platformer Sleepwalker’s Journey. Rendered in gorgeous, dreamlike artwork, the game has you guiding the drowsy Moonboy as he sleepwalks his way toward his bed.

Sleepwalker’s Journey features a time-rewinding mechanic that is most probably a nod from the Land of Nod to the critically acclaimed puzzle platformer Braid. Expect to wake up to the release of the game sometime in October.

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Lastly, there’s the aforementioned sequel to Anomaly Warzone Earth titled Anomaly Korea. The “tower offense” game is back with a new campaign and it’s set, obviously, in Korea.

Anomaly Korea tasks you to take control of an armored squad and strategize against alien forces. The game is set to launch with a bang in late October or early November.

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Looking at the games’ teaser trailers, I must say that the variety of genre, graphics, and gameplay across all three titles is nothing short of remarkable. Indeed, 11 Bit Studios is anything but a two-bit game developer.

Source: 11 Bit Studios
Via: Joystiq