It seems that Say What You See is going back to its musical roots. The popular iOS game that started with Say What You See: Music Fest and evolved into Say What You See: The Collection has paved the way to Say What You See: Music Edition.

Say What You See: Music Edition introduces new music-related twists to the franchise that combines rebus puzzles and hidden object games.

The recently released edition offers 250 puzzles divided equally into five unlockable iCanvases.

You may begin playing by choosing a free starter iCanvas among the following four categories: 80s Music, Chart Smashers, Musicals, and Rock.

You can then unlock the remaining iCanvases, including the 90s Music canvas, through in-app purchase.

Say What You See: Music Edition

Say What You See: Music Edition for iPhone and Say What You See: Music Edition HD for iPad are available now in the App Store for free.

As in the older editions of the game, the iCanvases in Say What You See: Music Edition are hand-painted and optimized with Retina display support.

As well, the rebus puzzles embedded in these iCanvases are invariably clever and amusing. They really make you want to say what you see in order to solve them.

Hey, look! Aren’t those four beetles rockin’ on the floor? Those must be The Beatles. Awesome! Oh, I wonder why those two flames appear to be shaking hands. They must represent Friendly Fires. Cool.