Do you love the page turning animations in iBooks? If so, consider downloading UnCurl. This new jailbreak tweak allows users to literally “uncurl” their iPhone, rather than unlock it, and the overall effect is impressive.

Once downloaded and installed, users can peel back the Lock screen to unlock a jailbroken iPhone. It’s possible to uncurl the handset from the bottom, from the left or from the right. After doing this, the Home screen will appear as usual.

In addition, users can also uncurl to reveal Notification Center or SBSettings. Aspects of the jailbreak tweak, such as whether UnCurl is enabled or disabled, and the uncurl speed, can be configured in the Settings app. You can also configure independent settings for the Lock screen and Notification Center.

All in all, UnCurl looks like a great jailbreak tweak. If you’re bored of the standard slide-to-unlock and Notification Center’s pull-down tab, consider downloading UnCurl from the Cydia Store. Currently, it’s available for $0.99 via the ModMyi repository.

(If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.)

Source: Jailbreak Nation